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Instagram accounts that showcase the beauty of Eastern Visayas

For our fellow Eastern Visayans out there, next time you need to motivate yourselves to see more of our home region, we suggest that you just come back to this page. While we’re still in this pandemic, there’s no harm in planning ahead in how you’ll channel all that pent up energy to move around and travel.

In case you have that family member who thinks they’ve seen everything they need to see in Region 8, show them these well-curated Instagram accounts. Looking forward to reuniting with friends from school? Line up your destinations with the help of these amazing shots.

These are the Instagram accounts you need to follow and that the world needs to see to better appreciate the beauty of Eastern Visayas.

Definitely Maasin


Biliran Island

Flor de luz Garden Cafe in Naval, Biliran

Bagongbong Waterfall in Almeria, Biliran

Experience Southern Leyte

Spark Samar

Panhuluhan Cave in Basey, Samar

Ulot River, the longest river in Samar island

Harris Jay Hubilla

MacArthur Landing Memorial Park in Palo, Leyte

San Juanico Bridge connecting the islands of Samar and Leyte

Amazing Southern Leyte

Uwan-uwanan Falls in Libagon Southern Leyte

Hinunangan, Southern Leyte

Are we missing anyone out? Let us know about other IG accounts out there that are showcasing the beauty of Eastern Visayas. Reach out to us through our social media accounts.

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We hope you enjoy your trip! And enjoy planning your trip.

When you take those amazing shots and post them on Insta, don’t forget to follow and tag us @waraynews.

Higatangan Island in Naval, Biliran

Sambawan Island in Maripipi, Biliran