Translate Waray to Tagalog

Translating Waray to Tagalog is likely to be easy for native Waray speakers. However, for non-Waray speakers, you’re probably here because you’re looking to understand some words or texts in Waray, and you’re looking to do that by finding translations of Waray words, phrases, or sentences to either Tagalog or English.

It shouldn’t be surprising that there’s no standout tool that can stand in for your Waray friend. Nevetheless, do not fret as we have tested a few websites or platforms out there that can still a do a decent job. The translations that these tools churn out might be head-scratcher as you may have experienced in using Google Translate for other languages. As you may expect, the longer or more complex the phrases or sentences are, the more likely you’ll get some funny results.

Nothing beats a human translator for now. Hopefully, to preserve and promote the use of the Waray language, someone can create a tool that can properly do Waray translations.

Here are some online tools that you can try out.

Google Translate

Yes, you read that right. Among all Philippine languages, Google Translate only features Filipino and Cebuano. However, if you type or paste Waray text into the platform, it will recognize it as Cebuano and provide a satisfactory translation. Most of the time, at least.


Glosbe is an online dictionary bundled with translations. However, as a dictionary, Glosbe can only do single-word translations. When you type a phrase or sentence, it will only search its database for each of the word in that phrase.

Nonetheless, it actually does an excellent job of single-word translations. As a dictionary, it not only provides the meaning of the terms but also uses it in sample sentences. And it does it in both languages: where you translated it from and translated to.

You can try translations to and from Waray here:

We intend to regularly update this article to let you know more tools you can use for your Waray-Waray translation needs.

If these websites don’t work for you, you may want to consider tapping a professional translation service, either a company or an individual. And don’t forget your friend or acquaintance who hails from Samar, Leyte, or Biliran.

If you don’t have one, you can join the Waray News community on our social media and one of our readers might just do it for free.