Pride of Borongan with “k-pop” group Alamat promotes understanding of Filipino languages including Waray-Waray

In a video posted by Philippine boy band Alamat, members translate basic words into their mother tongues. This includes R-Ji who hails from Borongan, Eastern Samar, who pitches in with Waray translations.

Alamat is a 9-member pop group that sings in up to seven local languages – Tagalog, Bisaya, Kapampangan, Ilocano, Bikol, Hiligaynon, and Waray-Waray,

The video includes a discussion on language versus dialects courtesy of sociolinguistics professor Ruanni Tupas, faculty from University College of London.

Just this February, in time for Valentine’s day, Alamat premiered their official music video of their song ‘kbye’ integrating Filipino culture and hiphop. The song speaks about ghosting and heartbreak with members singing verses in their mother tongues.

The ALAMAT member from Eastern Visayas is Ralph Joseph Baleña Lim who uses the stage-name R-Ji.

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Photo credit: Viva Entertainment

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