Tarangnan and Carigara offer food in exchange for solid waste

The local government units of Tarangnan, Samar and Carigara, Leyte encouraged people to engage in a scheme to collect solid waste in return for food products.

In Tarangnan City, Mayor Arnel Tan said on Tuesday that residents are entitled to two kilograms of rice and several canned goods for every kilo of shredded plastic waste in a 1.5 liter plastic bottle.

Students are also invited to join, where “Each plastic waste inside a 1.5 liter bottle is equivalent to school supplies,” said the local chief executive,

For those that are prone to planting ornamentals, he said they produced a semi-annual competition in which the participants would be encouraged to plant vegetables and fruit trees. The town will pick the best garden, the most colorful, and the most harvested, and they will earn a cash prize and additional rewards. The local government will provide seedlings and recycled materials to those who have already set up a backyard garden.

In Carigara City, the local government declared on its social media page that it will launch Project Barter in an effort to reduce the dumping of waste. The participants would get rice and canned goods. One kilogram of rubbish, such as plastic bags and cups, milk tea cups, shampoo bags, coffee, yogurt, mustard, soya sauce, snack and candy wrappers, disposable spoon and fork, can be replaced for one kilogram of rice and a can of sardines.