Tourism hotspot of Higatangan Island in Biliran to get potable water with purification technology

On March 4, 2021, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will kick off a potable water purification project in Biliran province’s picturesque Higatangan Island. The DOST said that the project would provide 50 gallons of water from an underwater source for residents of barangays Mabini and Libertad.

The local government of Naval and the Biliran Province State University (BiPSU) are workimg together in the PHP380,000 water purification system project, which is sponsored by DOST local Grant in Aid (GIA) under the Community Empowerment by Science and Technology (CEST) initiative. The project was approved in 2018 after the DOST regional office and BiPSU team established it as a priority during the community life competence process in 2017.

The facility will be managed by Mabini village authorities and will be located on the campus of FM Limpiado Memorial National High School.

Residents will no longer need to travel by boat to Naval for drinking water now that the island has a water purification facility.

Tourists flock to Higatangan Island because of the moving sand. The municipality’s local government supports it as a top tourism destination by organizing the annual Higatangan Summer Festival. Aside from moving rocks, the island is home to a sunken chapel with a 12-foot cross and eight benches representing the eight towns of Biliran province, which is submerged 25 to 30 feet inside the island’s snorkeling and scuba diving location.

Photo credit: biliranisland.com. Higatangan Island in Naval Biliran.