DPWH to build diversion road to Calbayog Airport to ease city traffic

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is planning to build an access road leading to the new Calbayog Airport in Samar province to ease traffic along Daang Maharlika in Calbayog City.

The planned Capoocan-Dagum Diversion Road will run from Matobato Elementary School in Barangay Capoocan to an intersection in Caramel Subdivision and Pagbalican Road before terminating in Calbayog Diversion Road in Barangay Dagum. According to DPWH, it will be a 1.156-kilometers long with four lanes, two cycling lanes, and two walking lanes on both sides.

The project is intended to alleviate the heavy traffic along Daang Maharlika during peak hours beginning in Barangay Matobato.

A drainage system with a cumulative length of 1.69 kilometers will also be installed in areas where there are recurring flooding.

The road project will be carried out over a number of years. As the DPWH expects Calbayog Airport to become an international airport in 20 years, the department aims for road infrastructure to be in place for the influx of tourists and expansion of local businesses.

Photo credit: DPWH. Rendering of the planned diversion road.