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Where to look online for jobs in Eastern Visayas?

This is the right place for those looking for job opportunities in Region 8. You’re probably here because you’ve been searching on the internet for vacancies in Samar, Leyte, or Biliran. Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to present you with all the places you can look online for job listings in Eastern Visayas. Without further ado, here’s a list for you to explore.

Facebook groups

Head over to the Groups section of your Facebook and search for job hiring groups in the region. Below are some of the biggest Facebook groups that you can join and explore.

  • Eastern Visayas Job Hiring – Obviously, we’re a bit biased with this one because this is the jobs group that we here at Waray News manage. All job listings in this Facebook group come from the WN Jobs Portal. But we assure you, it’s the most reliable source among all job hiring groups for Region 8 because of our daily job alerts. And it’s the one with the least spammy posts.

There are a number of other Facebook groups dedicated to job postings in Region 8 but you’ll observe that a lot of them have plenty of unmoderated posts unrelated to jobs such as buy & sell, advertisements, spams, and even outright scams. We’ve distilled them for you and so here are some groups that do well than most job hiring FB groups:

Virtual career fairs

If you’ve participated in job fairs before, this is the same but taken online. This method of hiring has taken off because of lockdown and social distancing measures due to the pandemic. Virtual career fairs are usually organized by job sites or employers by inviting job hunters to a website where those looking for a job can not only look at all the vacancies but also talk with employers through chat or video call. Som

For example, in early May of this year, DOLE organized an online job fair in time for Labor Day. In Eastern Visayas, more than a thousand jobs were available throughout the three-day virtual career fair.

It might be a bit difficult to monitor virtual career fairs as one would never know which company or job site would be organizing one next. And these only last for a couple of days so by the time you hear of one or see it on social media, the online fair might already be over. However, we here at Waray News and the WN Jobs Portal can hopefully keep on tabs on them for you. Follow our accounts and we will be relaying when the next virtual career fair hiring in Region 8 will happen next.

International job websites

Reputable job websites are the likely to be the most reliable and credible sources of job opportunities for anyone. You’ve probably looked at some of them already. However, from the most recognized global job sites that list jobs in the Philippines, most vacancies are concentrated in Metro Manila or Metro Cebu. Fortunately, there are some sites that offer plenty of work opportunities located in all of Eastern Visayas’ provinces – Biliran, Leyte, Southern Leyte, Samar, Northern Samar, and Eastern Samar – including of course the cities of Tacloban and Ormoc.

Listed below are international job sites that you can visit to look for jobs in the region. Simply click on any of the sites below to take you to their respective Philippine homepage.

WN Jobs Portal

As we’ve already hinted at, we, here at Waray News, also offer a jobs section for our readers on top of delivering the news. This service – the WN Jobs Portal – is the most comprehensive and updated source of job opportunities in Eastern Visayas.

The job listings in the portal are sourced from corporations, MSMEs, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-government organizations (NGOs), among others. These openings may be full-time, regular, part-time, contractual, freelance, or otherwise.

The work opportunities in the WN Jobs Portal are organized into two sections: Private Employment Jobs and Government Employment Jobs.

Local job websites

Aside from international job websites, there are a number of home-grown job sites that also list opportunities in Region 8. They may be less known to you and so you may find some hidden gems here that may interest your career prospects.

Government websites

Those looking to work in local government units (LGUs), regional offices of national government agencies (NGAs), public schools and hospitals, state universities and colleges (SUCs), and other government entities in Eastern Visayas should look at the respective websites of the agencies they wish to apply to.

The WN Jobs Portal makes this easier by consolidating publicly available job listings in its Government Employment Jobs page.

Linkedin and other social media job sources

Similar to job sites, known social media platforms also function as a forum to connect employers and job seekers. The most famous of course is Linkedin. There may not be as much job opportunties in Eastern Visayas here as one could hope, but it is still worth checking out once in a while.

While most use Facebook to casually consume content through its News Feed, it already has its own jobs feature. Any user can post job opportunities for the world to see. Upon visiting Facebook Jobs, use the filter function to narrow your search to Tacloban, your hometown, or any city or municipality in Region 8.

PESO accounts

Most, if not all, LGUs in the country have their own Public Employment Service Office, otherwise known as PESO. Some local governments in Eastern Visayas have a digital presence for their respective PESO unit such as a Facebook account or website.

Below are some PESO accounts regularly update their online presence with job opportunities in their jurisdictions.

Online jobs

There are websites that offer remote workers to accomplish tasks in exchange for compensation. You may have already heard of sites such as UpWork and Fiverr that allow freelancers to work from anywhere.

As an alternative, you may also wish to consider other sources of income through apps such as Honeygain. In the coming weeks, we’ll provide more updates on other app-based work opportunities that are available to Eastern Visayas.

Start your job hunt now!

We’ll be updating this post regularly to reflect online resources out there that help Eastern Visayans search for jobs in the region. Stay tuned, and feel free to come back to this page for updates.

Feeling overwhelmed? Worry not as our ultimate suggestion for you is to begin your job search at the WN Jobs Portal. Visit: