#WarayKuryente: Power interruption advisories for Eastern Visayas (Region)

Did you know that Eastern Visayas has a total of 13 power distribution utilities? These are BILECO, DORELCO, ESAMELCO, LEYECO II, LEYECO III, LEYECO IV, LEYECO V, NORSAMELCO, SAMELCO I, SAMELCO II, SOLECO, HFMPC, and MMPC. That’s a lot!

Here at Waray News, we have just launched a special feature covering advisories from all these power utilities in the region. We think it is important for the people of Region 8 to be able to plan ahead in anticipation of power interruptions. By covering them, we also hope that their service will improve and be more robust and reliable. Eastern Visayans have been used to brownouts and interruptions – both scheduled and unscheduled. Our hope is that these disruptions will not only be seen as normal but a symptom of structural or systemic problems in governance that need to be solved rather than just managed.

We have a dedicated page for each utility that provides the latest bulletins, advisories, notices, or announcements.

More to come.

Below is a listing of all thirteen (13) power distribution utilities with links to their respective websites and social media accounts.

Power distribution utilityWebsite & social media
Biliran Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BILECO)http://www.bileco.net/
Don Orestes Romualdez, Electric Cooperative, Inc. (DORELCO)http://dorelco.com.ph/
Eastern Samar Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ESAMELCO)no official website
Leyte II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO II)https://www.leyeco-2.com/
Leyte III Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO III)https://www.leyeco3.com/
Leyte IV Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO IV)https://www.leyecoiv.com/
Leyte V Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO V)http://www.leyeco-v.com.ph/
Northern Samar Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NORSAMELCO)official website not verified
Samar I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SAMELCO I)https://www.samelco-1.com/
Samar II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SAMELCO II)https://samelcodos.com/
Southern Leyte Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SOLECO)https://www.soleco.com.ph/
Hilabaan Fishermen’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative (HFMPC)none
Maripipi Multi-Purpose Electric Cooperative (MMPC)no official website